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Green Carpet Park

2nd Prize at Green Oasis Competition of WWF, Stavros Niarchos Foundation & NTUA

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2nd Prize
Architectural Study
Diamantopoulou Maritina
Antoniou Dimitrios
COMPETITION: Creating Green Spaces in the cities |
organized by WWF Hellas & the Urban Environment Laboratory of NTUA.

LOCATION: Archaeological Museum, PatrasSURFACE: 1400 m2


Green Carpet Park is located at the intersection of two districts of Patras. It borders on the Patras Archaeological Museum, a situation that is intended to enhance the cultural and spiritual identity of the area. The aim is to attract all social groups to a green and civilization space, desiring the connection of nature and spirit. Voluntary social groups in neighbouring school buildings and local clubs are considered to be an important part of the green space development and maintenance process.
Green Carpet Park's central design concept is to organize the area into thematic zones and then into individual tiles - zones of textures and plant communities (and ecological services) sliding together to create a colourful hybrid "green carpet" of perfumes, Colours and even fruits. Thematic areas refer to:
1. Green Thinking and ecology
2. Water (In relation to man, planting and the community)
3. The ephemeral (Respect to nature | The activities are not imposed on a permanent basis but instead the future users of the park are allowed to develop, change the uses of constructions and constructions according to their needs)
4. The Permanent (more permanent constructions ,with respect to the green, that relate to the constant needs of the visitors in the park | cultivation of part of the park by the residents)
5. The welcoming (Attraction (garden of fragrances, first contact with the park)
The park program encourages community's interactive initiatives on the green "carpet" and sets conditions for self-management of the park by it. The residential buildings at south of the park inspire a sense of "neighbourhood" that contribute to the safety of the park. In an emergency earthquake, the park is able to host temporarily the residents of the area in tents placed in ephemeral zone, while "Social Kitchen", Cafe and WC contribute to this intention.
Green Carpet Park strongly influences the area's microclimate with air cleaning, noise reduction, temperature control, material renewal (fertile soil) and flood protection. Volunteering, replanting, reuse and recycling of materials from the existing space, contribute significantly to the cost, while ecological services such as composting create conditions for "self-preservation" of the park.

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