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Architectural Study

Everything starts from client's willing to create places that give life to their dreams for living and interacting with other people.

Starting with photographing and mapping the first detailed designs of the plane/plot/space are drawn. Exploring the Main Concept Idea which will define the space and its elements we produce layout options based on functionality and  best use of the space. After discussion and interaction with the client and the collaborators (structural engineer , mechanical engineer,etc) the final and construction study with all the necessary details and descriptions is delivered.

Materials, Colors, Finishes are explored through material boards.

3d Views depict the final view and atmosphere before the construction.


For every design and study, we consider the Greek Building Legislation. After finalizing the architectural study we suggest and carry out the appropriate building permission.

Construction and Supervision

For every project DI designs , suggests a number of supervision visits to reassure the correct implementation of the architectural study and every relevant part of it.

For renovations in Athens, Di also provides construction services .

Interior, Decoration and Styling Services

Following the architectural study, we provide the client with interior , decoration and styling services. We explore and present material, fabrics, decorative objects and custom furniture through material boards , 3d views and reference images. Then we collect offers for every selected product and facilitate the orders placement. 

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