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DI Architecture Studio

Always curious about new things. Enthusiast about art, architecture and design. Looking for new design challenges. I get inspiration while observing and listening to the story of every place i visit. People habits, both tradition and contemporary life become colors and images for my works. My favorite materials are the natural ones. My favorite concepts are the clearly defined and elegant ones.


DIamantopoulou Maritina

Architect Engineer 
Architecture Department University of Patras
Certified Passive House Designer 
International Passive House Institute

Cutting-edge design starts with observing and listening. Our mission is to produce uniquely crafted architectural experiences that effectively upgrade residents’ everyday lives. While "Observing" the location, and "Listening" to the needs of the client, we design & study architectural projects inspired by materiality, tradition and contemporary life. With respect to the environment and continuous research of state-of-the-art building technologies, we strive to develop and provide contemporary architectural solutions. Energy efficiency and renewable energy form an integral part of the entire decision-making process from day one.


2024 Archetype
Tic Tac Toe Kindergarden   See more...

2021 Balcan Biennale Belgrade (biennale exhibition)
The White Slopes Project   See project...

2021 Arxellence 2 Book
The White Slopes Project   See project...

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