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Private Residence design in narrow plot

East Attica, Greece

main yard

Design - Architecture Study_Diamantopoulou Maritina

In a long & narrow property close to the sea, the architect designed a vacation residence for a couple of swimmers that would also occasionally be used as a bnb rental. The clients desired a spacious house (approximately 200 square meters) that would make them feel like they were sailing on a boat. They requested two fully autonomous master suites for two couples as well as large living areas where they could spend quality time with friends on weekends. The clients enjoy the plot’s link with the sea, so they imagined a huge veranda at the front, and a workout swimming pool that resembles a continuation of the sea.

The width of the plot, the orientation, the often windy climate and the emphasis on the view, were among the most challenging aspects of the design process. The final architectural study proposed a complex of building volumes arranged along the plot, with a parallel system of flat roofing pergolas connecting them. As a result, the construction openings organized linearly through the building develop multiple perspectives and layers of transparency. Smaller or larger courtyards, some of them protected by the wind and others exposed to the view, would offer many experiences in the owners’ everyday life.  The linear Olympic-size swimming pool at the plot’s southeastern border serves as a powerful axis, resulting in various spatial and volume interactions.  The walls designed on the boundaries offer privacy and wind protection for the courtyards while some carefully selected deep cuts in their bodies highlight some attractive view frames.  Finally, the primary architectural objective would be to recreate the boat experience by discovering various types of relationships with the water, sky, nature, and sea view.

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private pool pit
Linear pool
On the edge
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