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mint Apartment


Kalamata | 2020

Bedroom Cupboards
Cement details
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The renovation aim was to renew and redesign the apartment to be converted to a fully functional airbnb.
Kalamata is a city close to nature; sea, olive trees, herbs are only some of the elements of Messinian landscape. Inspired by these elements a "natural" concept was decided to become the centre of the renovation idea.
A functional rearrangement of the floor plan outlined the living and the kitchen area and fixed the bathroom access.
The new woodwork design with large and linear surfaces offered  different storage types and uses trying also to create a feeling of "enlarging" the space.The bedroom headboard aims to free up the bedside space from side tables and create a cosy back for the bed. The closet  layout consists of two clearly separated storages and cut-space in the middle used as a dressing table. Finally the kitchen layout offers an all inclusive fully compact space for meal preparation including also washing maching and laundry machine. The non typical design of kitchen upper storage, strenghtens the natural concept and the need for the common space (living dining &kitchen) to look like a multispace.

Mint-herb colours , light wood finishes, cement, rattan, white and grey colours create a material moodboard that ruled every space.


Interior Study & Design
Lighting Study
Diamantopoulou Maritina


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